Hot Men in the Philippines

These models!

BiggsSome fly-in models have stayed in the country for better opportunities in modeling. I’m only too glad they did, because these opportunities sometimes require them to be in hotel bath tubs in their underwear! As part of some fashion show, of course. Nathan Leon Biggs is one of them.

hideoAnd then there’s Hideo Muraoka, primo nipo-brasileiro masculino modelo in the country today, who never fails to elicit the oohs and ahhs when he puts on those speedos. Of course, it’s summer and he’s way too hot!

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  1. kay pare hideo ako naglalaway, grabe ang appeal ni hideo, walang tigil ang pagjajakol ko kanina pa, oh! pare hideo, pls fuck me now na!

  2. Nakatira yang nathan dito sa Beacon sa makati. Nathan pala name nya, palagi ko yan nakikita sa gym saka nakakasabay sa elevator. Naka shorts na maikli and sando lang

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