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What’s next for male model and Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 winner Jiro Shirakawa? After winning the top prize in the annual bikinifest edging out the other upstarts, Jiro is determined to invade show business. He’s already dropped out of school to pursue his modeling career and now, he’s setting his sight on the klieg lights of tv and eventually, the movies. To gain entry into the harsh world of showbiz, Jiro is taking the reality tv route pretty soon, where he hopes to make his mark.
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  1. haller eh wala sha kahit na katiting na X-factor. makaka angat lang sha sa showbiz kung papatol sa mga gay executives, like what he din in mossimo. good luck na lang kung may gay executive na matatypan sha.

  2. Want the hot stuff?

    There will be a Gimik 2010.. In the said year, it’ll be launched. And he will be one of the casts.
    No report on how their characters will be.. But this is the reason why he is in acting workshops in ABS. 🙂

  3. malansa to as in take a closer look, song: dont cry out loud just keep it inside learn how to hide your feelings. as in jokla!

  4. may pagka toothy nga siya… pero he looks sooo hot!!! he’s like zanjoe in the making.

    true ba na pinatulan niya mga mossimo exec’s para manalo sa MBS 09??? sana hindi…

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