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From cuteness to hunkiness, Bryann Foronda‘s career in showbiz (and modeling) has transitioned. After winning Mister Philippine Youth 2009, Bryann entered tv acting and modeling for TVCs and fashion designers. Today, he’s into fitness stuff and I wouldn’t mind if he puts on the heft and the bulk, as long as he keeps his pretty boy looks. And wear those tight speedos.

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      1. bat ba galit na galit ka kay tony? ano bang nagawa nung tao sa yo? honestly, i dont find his posts or comments offensive.

  1. A very handsome guy! Nakita ko na yan sa Golds at sobrang gwapo talaga! I wanted to see him in briefs . Thanks for this RD

  2. Eto ang masarap ibahay sa Serendra at alagaan . Ipapagamit ko car ko then bigyan ng Golds Gym membership. Hehhee Di ba Arpee???

    1. Totoo yan! Pero baket di sinama siya sa US ngayon ni Lola RP?

      Me video nga sila nung Neale (Neale) na kinakantahan si Lola RP ng happy bday sa loob pa nung condo.

      Hehehehhee! Kaya pala well funded Mercator at travel galore si Majons dahil biggest customer niya si Lola RP.

      Bugaw Agency for the Sex-crazed oldie.

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