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Will Martin Richard be in Blackout?

I’m asking because Martin Richard, the male model most-conspicuous in all Bench shows, campaigns and events, is connected with the banned modeling agency.  Unless, of course, he changed handlers and is already in good favor with Bench.  Martin Richard is a mestizo model who stands 6’1″.  He never fails to appear in all the Bench shows and was, in fact, one of the lesser-known models in a celebrity magazine-catalog for the underwear company.
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  1. There is no truth about the ugly rumor that has been circulating that Mercator Models are “banned”. They simply backed out due to conflicts on date of fittings, rehearsals, and low talent fees. And Mercator Models would never be “banned” dream on, we are one of the top agencies in the business.

  2. ciempre iba tlga pag may connection ka lalo na sa mga bading na namamahala at may kapit dyn……hmmmmm
    kawawa ang mga mas deserving na modelo kse d2…

  3. as far as i know martin richard is with monaco models. or maybe mercator and monaco share models because ervic vijandre is in both mercator and monaco websites. was it a ban on mercator models by bench or was it a mercator boycott/backing out on bench? lets ask keren and jonas. still i believe somethings not quite right.

  4. Huh? Class A model na ito? At certified pa? Kung sabagay. Kanya kanyang standards yan. Merong mataas. At meron ding MABABA.

  5. well kung ikukumpara nga naman sha sa mga nagfeefeeling class A models like Jeff Surio, Class A na nga sha, class A+++ pa nga.

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