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Will power

Before Will Devaughn got famous, he used to live near my place – at one of those fancy condos along an exhaust-fumed commercial street.  On some nights, very late nights, I would see him walking along that busy stretch under the dim glare of the streetlights, in that signature shoulder slouch.  I would sometimes think that maybe he works for a call center as some consultant, as he had an ID tag with a BPO logo.  I thought he took on a normal job with normal pay until he suddenly appeared on Big Brother tv.  Things were not that normal ever since and Will Devaughn is now more popular.  Too, he is no longer my neighbor.
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  1. who made a comment about the chicano selling trinkets in L.A. is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. will devaughan, phil younghusband, marx topacio are typical Joe Blows here in North America – pumping gas, wal-mart stock boys or boston pizza boys…what a difference where the fish swims!

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