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Sometimes we have to skip the goody-two-shoes Daniel Velascos in our posts, and well, feature the asshats and assclowns in show biz on occasion. Today’s feature somehow proves that once in a while douchebaggery breeds beauty. Xian Lim, known for his tactfulness and refinement, appears in these candid photos for Garage magazine’s anniversary issue this month. No?

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Perhaps you’ll like nearly-nekkid bikini open veteran John Abril who styles himself these days as Xian Pascual. He does have this resemblance with the real one, like this one’s Xian from Skid Row.

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  1. tangina. ang sarap lang ni papa xian. sarap niya chuapin. swerte ng mga babaeng nakatikim ng burat niya (kim c, erich g. valerie w. kc del rosario, etc.

  2. kaelya to the max naman si papa xi. ang laki ng dibdib at yung karug sarap to the max. sarap dilaan hanggang dulo ng burat

  3. jakol mode ako the whole day dahil kay papa xi! swerte ni kc del rosario, napagsawaan nya ang burat nito nung di pa ganun ka sikat

  4. don’t care if he’s a douchebag.. i’d hate-fuck xian lim anytime! i’d smack him silly while riding his dick..

  5. Magkano kaya booking fee nung Xian Pascual? Gusto ko syang kunin pagbalik ko sa pinas sana ..anyone knows???

  6. PUTAAA!!!! Ang sarap chupain at laspagin ntong si Xian! Pake ko kung douchebag o demonyo pag-uugali nya? Burat at katawan nya ang habol ko hndi ugali! BWAHAHHAHAHA.
    Swerte ng hitad n si Erich ha. Pinagsawaan nya ng husto itong si Xian noon. Nglive in kya sila noon at ngaun nmn si Daniel ang pinagsasawaan. Si Kim Chiu nmn n pavirgin eh pinagsasawaan ang tamod at burat ntong si Xian ngaun. BWAAHAHAHHAA. As for Kc del Rosaario n nangongolekta ng burat, pinagsawaan nya rin to. Accdg sa hitad, boring dw tong si Xian ksi hndi nmn humihithit at hndi mahilig pumarty pero demonyo nmn dw s kama kya ngtagal din ang torjakan nila. BWAHAHAHAHA.

    1. kaelya mare!

      malibog nga si erich. swerte ng hitad daniel matsunaga naman ang kumakantot sa kanya

  7. I don’t understand why people think Xian Lim was “rude” just because of the Albay shirt incident. I mean so what if he didn’t wear the shirt kaagad? He accepted it and he was gracious naman. Filipinos talaga make mountains out of molehills.

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