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Yellow is the color of joy

mark m copyHe’s getting to be a favorite in this site with the frequent posts. It would be criminal, though, not to share photos of  Mark McMahon here in his underwear. In today’s case, the classic VPL shot in his tighty (grandpa) whities! Mr. McMahon – who’s always in underthings covering what little modesty that’s left – provides regular fodder for our prurient interests. Don’t complain.

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  1. he is appealing nman in person pero kung face value lang din nman sobrang hipon ang lalaking to. bet ko siya sarap nya kaya lang ang face nya pangconstruction worker tlga at mukhang tambay lang sa kanto.

  2. Kasama nyan lagi sa Pool Club yung dalawang scammer na bakla na taga Makati yung John and Mark juice ko mag ingat ka Mark baka ma scam ka ng dalawang yun!

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