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Marco Alcaraz in Pitik Bulag

Sexy guy Marco Alcaraz is doubly excited about the release of his new movie entitled Pitik Bulag.  The erotic flick will be released on 1 July 2009 in limited theaters, and the actor’s making sure that everyone’s going to see it.  Of course, we will all rush to the movies on that date, right guys? The image of a nekkid Marco in the big screen would be too much to pass up. Pitik Bulag is Marco’s “biggest break to date” [according to the press kit] and it will have its premiere night on 23 June 2009 at the Gateway Cinema in Cubao, Quezon City.
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  1. Scoop na naman itong rddantes na ito ah, ngayon ko lang nakita pictures na to ni Marco. Thanks , I love PAPA marco!!!

  2. i like marco alcaraz so much, thanks po sa pag post ng pics nya sana madami pa yung nakahubad naman konti

  3. yikes vahket ganyan ang eye bags nya??? very haggard ang eyes!

    hay kebs sa eyebags. hahadahin ko pa rin yan in a second.

  4. ang aarte nyong mga bakla kayo. o weno ngayon kung patay ang kuko, its the overall package that counts. sa sobrang elya ko kay marco, bka sipsipin ko pa ang patay na kuko na yan.

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