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Heavenly Touch Opens Today!

This is to remind you, guys,that the new gay flick Heavenly Touch is now showing in the following theaters: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Roben, Remar, Isetann Cinerama, Gotesco Grand Central, ABC Guadalupe, Ultra Vista Cinerama in Cebu City. It’s a bittersweet movie and there’s lots of gay love and lovin’! Which means, newbie Joash goes to bed with hunky Paolo, gets seduced and raped by meanie Marco. And, of course, the other boys are in for some romance, too. Go watch!
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  1. pinalabas daw 2 sa my cinema ng greenbelt 3 na tadtad ng frontal!! ibig sabihin bah, censor rfee ang sinehang ito??

    pakisilip lang poh MTRCB!!

  2. Hmmm… Mukhang magandang panoorin to.

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  3. dun s 3rd at 4th pic, sino yung lalaking may hawak ng notebook(lèft side bandang likod)
    Any info pls. Ang gwapo nya ksi,(tall dark &handsome sya d b)
    Tpos saan clinic/massage parlor ito kinunan,
    Pls. Help me





  5. rd,

    mag post ka please ng mga sexy “kita-pubic hair kasi na ka bukaka” ni jason abalos sa pictorial ng cotton brand underwear.

    dabi ni alex datu: ma buhok pala itung c jason at kahit slim ang body nya tambuk daw ang nota.

    nalilibog daw mga bakla na nakakita sa pictorial.

    go rd!


  6. blog friend Miong21 txtd me na mas nagustuhan daw nya dis movie compared to Walang Kawala (another J. Lamangan film). He said may frontal daw c marco, joash, at 2 other masuers… 🙂 i sed i will just wait for it sa DVD para very satisfying panonood ko in my own private room..aehhehe

    – josh

  7. the frontals were there (joash, marco, another guy inside a bathroom, another guy walking in the corridor … am not sure if i missed anything) but no great shakes. either masyadong madilim ang eksena or mabilis yung exposure. walang tatalo sa full monty ni marco sa walang kawala.

    but three scenes stand out for me: yung love scene ni paolo and joash (grabeng humalik ni paolo feel na feel!), love scene nina joash and marco (macho marco doing it makes it truly sizzling) and yung scene na tinuturuan ni paolo si joash magmasahe (yung palitan lang ng linya nakaka-L na).

    as to the rest of the film, ok lang. come to think about it, anyway you go around scrutinizing the film, you conclude the same way: how was the acting? how was the story? how was the direction? ok lang.

    definitely, nothing in this film will suggest that it was megged by an award-winning director.

    i like walang kawala better inspite of its excesses and convoluted plot. at least it engages you in some moments. at least you care for some characters.

    heavenly touch has no mountains. no highs. the energy, from beginning to end, is the same.

    but paolo is a real looker and kisses a man with such passion you feel it’s real. the rest of the film? ok lang.

  8. I’ve seen the film awhile ago, I would say this is better compared sa Walang Kawala, opinyon ko lang yan ha. Paolo Serrano’s definitely a looker and he can act, too. Joash is so so, bago pa lang talaga, but he can pass for an innocent boy. The scenes in massage parlor was in Spartacus, along west ave. Some of the masseurs were there, too.

  9. I agree with you Anonymous No. 14. Medyo distracted lang ako while watching the movie kasi maraming makulit.

  10. Heavenly Touch is a hilarious film. Not in a good way though. You’ll laugh at it because it’s stupid. Most of the scenes are. I let out a loud laugh in the hospital scene where the two hardly convincing lovebirds/leads are having a melodramatic exchange. As soon as the scene opens, Joash sobs in a really stupid funny way. I don’t understand why the film industry considers Lamangan a director, he can hardly create a decent film. The plot is messy and heavily manipulated. If Vim Nadera sees this one, he’d definitely blurt out “What’s your effing point?” What does Lamangan really want to tell us with this film? That a true love can exist between two men? That bad people deserve to die? That all problems can be solved? Does he even show us something new? Definitely not. If you consider those provocative, heated kissing scenes something new then count those, but otherwise HT is a completely trashy film. What I feel toward the film is beyond anger. I hate myself for watching it. It seems like Lamangan doesn’t really learn from his mistake. Walang Kawala was a complete failure and everyone is aware of this. Oh well, I wasn’t really expecting something good from Lamangan. I don’t even think he can make a good movie. He’s too focused with the sex scenes because he seems to believe that these are the most important things the audience want. I hope Aureus Solito and Jun Lana continue to make decent films of the same genre because I’m fed up with these sloppy movies masquerading as indie films. If HT or WL gets included in this year’s Cinemalaya feature films, I’d be furious!

  11. Cno nag post nito??? d ko maintindihan bakit gusto nya ipasilip sa MTRCB!!! hoy, hunghang, Bakit dito ba sa RDDantes, na binubuksan mo, walng NUDE??? WAG kang HIPOKRITA!!!

    pinalabas daw 2 sa my cinema ng greenbelt 3 na tadtad ng frontal!! ibig sabihin bah, censor rfee ang sinehang ito??

    pakisilip lang poh MTRCB!!

  12. Though I have not seen WK and HT, I agree with anonymous May 15, 2009 4:36 PM.

    I have seen Lamangan’s other film, Fushia. I have sentiments: forgettable story, hackneyed editing and ubiquitous music. It would have been trashy too if it weren’t for the all out acting of Gloria Romero and Eddie Garcia.

    I heard that Lamangan is an award-winning director, but, unlike Aurelous, has he ever won an INTERNATIONAL award? The most DECENT film that I have seen him be involved in was Himala. I haven’t seen his other films, but I think Himala was the best so far, even if he was just the casting director there.

    Don’t worry anonymous May 15, 2009 4:36 PM, those films won’t be shown in the Cinemalaya. Trust me, those people know what a GOOD film.

    PS. I think the only way it got pass the imperialistic MTRCB when it was shown at GB3 is because it was a private screening not a public screening.

  13. Napakaseryoso nmn ng mga tao dito, the movie was not made to earn Best Picture or Best Actor for those who appeared in the movie. It was just a feel good movie for gays, un lang, the scene that of a look alike of Nora Aunor (even tagged as Ate Gay) having a massage, was funny. Even that Gwen
    Garci act being malibog was just funny, wala nmn pretensions, maganda lang pampalipas oras, di naman nakakaantok.

  14. Heavenly touch is a good movie. May sexy scenes siya at magandang love story. Yun pa lang sulit na. Am impressed with the acting of paolo serrano and marco morales. As a beginner, okay na okay si Joash balejado. Ang daming tao sa Robinsons galleria at lahat nakilig sa kuwento nina paolo and joash. Klik din iyong eksena ni Ate Guy habang nagdadialogue ng HAYUP, HAYUP,HAYUP habang dinudukot siya ni JOASH! I also have friends who have watched it twice na because they love HEAVENLY TOUCH.Congrats to the cast and to Direk Joel Lamangan!

  15. Masaya kaming umuwi ng mga friends ko after watching HEAVENLY TOUCH. Box office winner as expected. Sexy and daring sina paolo serrano, marco morales, newcomer joash balejado at gwen garci. Gud acting performances and gud love story. Nakakakilig! Thank you Joel Lamangan for HEAVENLY TOUCH. You made us believe in LOVE again!

  16. Though not by any means a perfect movie, me and my friend thoroughly enjoyed this movie. This is definitely better than Walang Kawala.My recommendation? Go watch it while its still relatively “cut-free”.

  17. Hi J.Roc,

    Thank goodness, you agree!

    I was cringing on my seat while watching the film. If I could only throw rotten tomatoes at the screen! Lol.

    – anonymous who thinks HT is hilarious

  18. admit it people, you’re chasing celebrity cocks and that’s the focal point of watching HT.

    the plot (so to speak) is just a given – mediocre or not. don’t tell me you’re going to watch it for the story cos not a person in the pink world would believe you. the earth would open and still you wouldn’t sound plausible.


  19. Naging instant movie critic ang mga bakla, the usual word and english chorba ng mga bakla nagpapaka intelligent halata namang pilit, if i where you mga nameless and wanna be critic kuno, manahimik kayo at watch na ng movie ko at mag jak nalang kayo .

  20. “Naging instant movie critic ang mga bakla, the usual word and english chorba ng mga bakla nagpapaka intelligent halata namang pilit, if i where you mga nameless and wanna be critic kuno, manahimik kayo at watch na ng movie ko at mag jak nalang kayo.”

    -It’s pointless to argue with this kind of argument.

  21. ang liit ng jewels ni joash, kailangan nyo magdala ng microscope para makita niyo, baka kaya akala ng iba cut ang frontals, kasi di niyo talaga mapapansin ang frontal ni joash dahil mahirap makita sa sobrang jutels..

  22. Hay salamat extended for another week ang showing ng Heavenly Touch sa Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Isetann Cinerama and Vistarama cebu. Showing na rin sa Gotesco commonwealth. I know this kasi friend ko iyong producer. Deserving naman ang extension dahil marami pang gustong manood at manonood pang muli. Gud casting,gud movie. Congrats to Heavenly Touch!

  23. Extended pala for another week ang HEAVENLY TOUCH sa Robinsons Galleria, Remar. Isetann cinerama and vistarama cebu. Also at ever gotesco commonwealth. Congrats to Paolo serrano, marco morales, joash balejado and Gwen garci! Good word of mouth is working for the movie. Panalo ang HEAVENLY TOUCH!

  24. 1st tym ko manuod ng gay film rob galle..ksama q gay fren q..nilibre ako..hmm,ok naman ung movie..ganda naman.. Kaxo kmukha ni roderik paulate c joash nung umiyak xa sa hosp..hehe..wafu tlaga c paolo..sarap nia..hehe…cguro lgue nko manunuod pink films..maaadik ata me.. Hehe… Plan ko nga magpamasahe na..wahaha! Mejo jahe sa cnehan..daming titingin sau..hehe..ung iba tau ng tau..puntang cr..wahaha! Madami nanuod ng solo lng..walang katabi..obvious na..wahaha! My nkta me mga matandang bakla.. Hehe.. Bsta ganda ng HT! Sarap! ;p

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