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The Consul of Sodome

That’s the title of the new movie where Marco Morales goes extra with an important role, and it’s a Spanish production. Which means Mr. Marco – shown in the photo above being made up for an important scene in the pelicula – is going international with his cocky ways. El Consul de Sodoma stars the Spanish actor Jordi Molla as the businessman and leftist poet Jaime Gil de Biedma who came to the Philippines in the early 60s to manage his family business in the islands – Tabacalera, the tobacco company. It was in the Philippines that the young businessman “woke up with a desire to rebel and release his homosexuality in the more dirty caverns of the city.” I think this is the scene where Marco’s character shows up because “dirty cavern” would be the cue to shoot frontal nudity scenes. The biopic of the important Spanish literary figure who died of AIDS in 1990 will be shown in November.
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  1. Taob ang mga local hunks sa movie na ito ni Marco, mga sis. Tila seryoso at hindi ka-cheapan. Pero it’s about us, mga kafatid! Marco is going places. May literature at may AIDS. Wow. Bigat. Ganda Papa Marco.

  2. Marco Morales is really going place, Im pretty sure he’ll be noticed abroad with his looks and acting

  3. he’s got serious potentials as an actor. i guess he just really needed the attention by going bold. good luck to him.

  4. Ano pa ba ang bago kay marco, eh kita ko na ang kaluluwa niya… Thats the sad fate of bold indie stars –seen then nakedness once and they’re done. can we have some fresh young bodies…

  5. buti naman at Marco will reach an audience kung saan fresh pa ang tingin sa kanya. pinagsawaan na sha ng gay market sa pinas eh.

  6. sabi nya leading man daw sya dito pero parang bakit extra lang ang dating nya , na lover ng lead actor

  7. Gaga ka talaga lady gaga! Hindi mo ba nakikita mimake-upan nga para umitim coz he is supposed to look like a typical pinoy.

  8. Just curious with some of the comments here regarding nudity of indie actors? If an actor played a nude scene & went all the way naked – does it mean his movie career is over? Just wandering…

  9. Ang Pilipino talaga ang tatanga when it comes to anything foreign. Just because ‘international film’ siya doesn’t mean to say na good kaagad. It’s not enough na merong international audience. Ang tanong: Will it put Pinas in a positive light? Hay, naku, kaya di umaasenso ang Pinas.

  10. MS. EH ANO NGAYON KUNG INTERNATIONAL …. eh ikaw pala ang tatanga-tanga. Tinanong mo pa na will it put pinas in a positive light … bakit ikaw ba si madame marcos na only the “beautiful” can be shown about the philippines? NONSENSE. ale hindi po iyan ang basehan ng artistic merits ng isang pelikula. wake up!

  11. ano masama pag nagnude yung isang actor….. eh sa hollywood nga dami ng nagfrontal … kung me relevance sa story y not .. at advantage na rin yun para sa ating mga gay .. di ba

  12. Antonio Banderas and movie director Pedro Almodovar joined forces in making innovative and sexually provocative movies during the 1980s. In 1984 Banderas made headlines in Spain with his performance as a gay man, making his first male-to-male on-screen kiss in Almodovar’s “La ley del deseo (1987)”, where he even ‘bottomed’.

    Hence, making nude/sex scenes does not necessarily harm your career. It depends very much on the quality of the movie and the talents of the director.

    Best wishes, Marco! Don’t let the crabs pull you down.

  13. Way to go Papa Marco. I know you’re going to be a BIG star. Don’t mind the pessimist detractors you have… Anyways, they’re too busy being bitter to appreciate your great works and efforts. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

  14. Eh, kung puro kapokpokan ang pinapakita about Pinas sa film na ‘to, OK lang ba? O puro hustlers ang roles ng Pinoy dito? I don’t think so! Pero positive light o not, tatanga-tanga pa rin ang mga Pinoy na automatically iniisip na just because it’s an ‘international film’ it’s good kaagad. Andaming pangit na ‘international films’ d’yan.

  15. “Just curious with some of the comments here regarding nudity of indie actors? If an actor played a nude scene & went all the way naked – does it mean his movie career is over? Just wandering…”

    wandering ba kamo? juice me, kalokah talaga ang grammar ng ibang baklita dito! huy managalog ka na lang ning!

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