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Walang Kawala tonight!

Now, if you click on the photo, you’ll get a hi-res image of singer-actor Marco Morales, with all the lines and creases and all those little flaws that make him sexy and desirable, sans photoshop and photo editing. ┬áMarco Morales is, of course, one of the guys with very important┬ároles in the movie Walang Kawala. ┬áThe premiere night will be tonight at the UP Film Institute, 7 pm and the tickets will be sold at the gate. ┬áThe cast will be there for a meet-and-greet before the screening, so you might want to bring your cameras. Too bad, Mr. Morales will not be in a tiny bikini at the preem, but you might want to stay fixed on the big screen once his dance sequence comes out because I heard he is going to flash and flaunt his penis. See you later!
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  1. just saw the movie at UP..the movie is ok..not really ground-breaking..there’s too many characters in the movie & the facing is too, the girl who played Polo’s wife in the movie cannot act at all..eniwiez, props to Marco Morales..this guy is hotter in person & he is a very well-endowed man!! its a joy to see this man gyrating..& when he took his hand off to show his was a gloroius moment for everyone watching!!my favorite character was Paolo Rivero’s..he is a really good actor & i wish that him & Marco should have bigger parts than what they had in the film..Polo was a bit of a revelation too.. never thought he would go as far as he has gone for this movie..he needs to work out his butt though..hehe..would i recommend it? i will, if you want to see the hotness of Marco Morales..but if you are looking for a great gay movie, this is not for you..well, for me Marco Morales & Paolo Rivero are reasons enough to see this movie..

  2. The movie ,Walang Kawala delivered its anticipated kissing scenes and a couple of frontals. The movie however, is too mushy for my taste. There were just way too many over- the- top crying scenes.’Cry to death si Polo and Joseph’ to the max and then tragedy in the end. Whew! Too much. A happy ending for the lovers could have been a welcome respite instead of the usual ‘patayan’in the end.

  3. tender juicy tastey talaga ang SOP boy na ito… talgang bumulaga..:-)

    Nagka-ubusan pa ng tickets…grabe patronage…

  4. OMG!! I just watched the movie yesterday sa Robinson’s Ermita and yes NO CUTS!!! Buong buong pinakita ang frontal scene ni Marco. If I may say so, he’s really gifted. Hanggang ngayon naka imprint na yata sa isip ko yung nota nya. Hahaha

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