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Mark James + Mystery Guy

It’s Friday again! The end of the work [or school] week for most. And it is definitely worth celebrating that another week had come to a conclusion.  I wish you all a wonderful, constructive and restful weekend. Our TGIF post is bubble butt  Mark James de la Cerna and a mystery guy who’s tall, dark and sexy.  Of course, he will be up soon in the site, face included. Enjoy your Friday and the coming weekend!
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  1. Ako pa rin to RD (YEHEY may dick-@-day na!). I couldnt help to wonder that most hunky men are somewhat, uhmmm, how to say this one, less-endowed? Baka naman grower din sila. On the other hand, la coupable est les steroids.

    Is it true that if you work out a lot, it retards the growth of some of your body parts?

    Pakisagot guys!

  2. steroids will definitely shrink your dick. working our will not do anything to your dick. it will look smaller in proportion to a larger, more muscular build but the dick size stays the same. never judge the size of a flaccid dick. it can grow to 3 to 5 times its size when erect.

  3. hindi si marco yang naka-dick-exposure…at tumigil na mga bakla about dick size…please lang? andito ako sa america, at hindi lahat ng lalaki dito, ga troso ang titi!!!!yung nakikita sa mga porno, a small proportion of the population yun…at pinili sila because of dick size…hay naku…i don’t even want to go to the “grower-shower” mode…pasalamat ka bakla, kung may lalaking maghuhubad sa harap mo!!!I’m sure, susunggab ka!!!I should know.Doctor ako…

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