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How was your weekend?

Okay guys, loong weekend is over! Time to move your ass and work! I know you had a 3-day weekend and I hope it was fun for you.  Now that you’re having the blues going back to work [or school], maybe I can give you a bit of cheer with this person named Matthew Belino, 411 not available yet. He was listed in the gay rag as a model, which I am skeptical about, since I have not yet seen him model anything.  Just the same, he’s one hell of a tease this Belino guy, don’t you think so?
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  1. MATT IS EROTIC! now that Playgirl mag is ceasing publication, our best bet for this kind of foto eroticism is our reliable, ever hard-working friend RD. you do not bring us a “bit of cheer” but a big bang everyday, FOR FREE!

  2. ganda ng emote nito kahit di ko sha nose… pleas efeature more pics of him rather than adrian racho na nagmamaganda..

  3. 2 reasons why I wanted to buy that gay rag was him and harry, and buying that magazine in CLV was an experience that I will never ever forget. (Not to mention we even had the chance to come across Marc Nelson on the way to Landmark)

  4. hinada hada na yan for free ni mell navarro and alalay nyang make up artist sa shoot ng redhot magazine tsk tsk tsk

  5. This photo really turns my stomach on! makes me want to find some “longganisa” to eat now!!!Shopaholic is a size queen hehehe.

  6. Hi!.. You are so cute!
    Tol sana matikman kita..,
    Di ako bading, just for fun…
    geh.., ill wiait for your reply..,
    Just text me!

  7. I know this guy. we’re close friends. I have his contact and did model for me as well. He had already turned down so many modeling offers after this magazine exposure. He’s working now in one of the country’s giant firms…and yes even more hunkier.

  8. Runor says he’s an airline mechanic now or a pilot of some sort, but here’s the real jist, he lives in Valley 2 Parañaque City and a friend of mine said that he once got drunk and had sex.. he’s a fairly cute and lovable guy, though he’s face is a bit pokmarked right now. i saw hi m once waiting for a jeepney ride and he does have a magnetic appeal. but 3 thousand is too much.. probably half of that will do

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