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Now that Starstruck auditions are underway [they are currently in the New Jersey area now, looking for kids with good looks and star potential], former winner Mike Tan‘s fate in showbiz comes to mind. He’s handsome but something went amiss on his way to stardom. As a grand winner, GMA should have spent more time and money by now into grooming him for bigger projects. Yet, he is still one of the actors in the background, sometimes donning briefs or bikinis for some shock factor. He is not getting, at the moment, top billing in the marquee. Maybe the search committee or judges at the reality show Starstruck should really look for one who is good looking and talented.
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  1. I really like Mike Tan. Too bad we dont see that he was given full support thru proper trainings and big breaks.

  2. He has the height, the looks, and the body to be in showbiz… there’s no question about that! But, he just lacks the charm to be a star. Being in showbiz and being a star is two different things. Unfortunately, I don’t think he has the latter. Perhaps GMA needs to do a lot of PR works for him, if they really want him to be their next important star! Everything is possible with a good PR! We’ve saw it happened so many times already!


  3. sht ang sariap nga! sarap dilaan ng utong, kilikili at karug! may pic pa si mike tan pinakita bulbol tangina ilang beses ko din pinagjakulan..

  4. Wala kasi masyadong talent si Mike. Sayang naman. Napaka bait na bata at muy simpatico pa. Sana lang bigyan ng magandang PR ng GMA.

  5. noon ko pa sya gusto. mukhang pinabayaan sila ni Ryza Cenon ng GMA. pam-background talent na lang si mike. sayang ang kagwapuhan nya. sana bigyan sya ng sexy roles kahit sa indie films. tiyak maraming bading ang manonood pag naghubad sya sa pelikula.

  6. How old is Mike Tan? Alam ko nasa 20s pa lang yan.
    Bakit hindi sya kunin ng mga FilChi manufacturer tulad ng Bench or Penshoppe. I know he’s very tall nasa 6 feet something ang height nya.
    Ang balita ko sagabal ang pagka stage father ng tatay nya.

  7. he strikes me as a reluctant star. he doesn’t know how to work up interest in him because his personality seems detached. he has the looks and in fact, much more handsome than the popular leading men in channel 7. itabi mo si mike kay mark herras, geoff eigenmann, dennis trillo at angat pa rin sya good looks and height. hope he really gets the big break.

  8. i saw mike tan in person sa greenbelt wen we watched transformers. Grabe! Ang Gwapo! Ganda ng braso! waaaaaaaah! makalaglag brief! nkakalaway!

  9. kaya nga eh..nakakalaway..sarap talaga niya..he’s so yummy kahit buong araw na sex ok lang sa akin pag sya ang kapartner

  10. do u know that we had a sex yesterday in a motel i’m so lucky at nagpalabas si Mike ng maraming toss and nag 69 pa nga kami eh at ang laki ng penis i suck it and it taste so very good………..

  11. yah, mukha siya reluctant star. di kaya dahil sa kanyang dark past? if we are to believe the grapevine, dati itong service boy. look at the other former service boys in the industry, kahit medyo kilala na sila di talaga umaalagwa career kasi nga… either sinasakal sila ng kanilang gay sponsors at present, or nahihiya sila dahil alam nila once upon a time dami nakatikim sa kanila…

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