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Niko waits..

It seems like most of the Provoq guys are on a roll these days.  The Johnron has a movie with Gabz del Rosario. Harry Chua is teasing all over that gay magazine called Frontman Reloaded.  Justin de Leon is in an indie flick called Paupahan.  And one of my favorite Provoq guys, Niko Arellano aka Aimann Perea is in, uh, inactive.  He deserves a big break, if you ask me.  Niko is funny and tall, spritely and sensual, and daring! Lex, how about a nice little movie about basketball?
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  1. I agree with you RD, Niko is beautiful and can give Johnron a run for his money. A basketball star adored by many girls and loves them suddenly fell in love with his trainor who’s married and made a drastic decision to leave his wife for the basketball star. A good movie plot (hehehe)Of course top-billed by Johnron and Niko.

  2. hope the stars line up and work wonders for him. good choice RD. he is hot with a capital “H”. Best of luck Niko.

  3. aren’t these actor-wannabes being exploited by Viva? making them appear in digital films straight to dvd home video which only have a limited audience (gays) and repetitive themes that only cater to the same audience. if Viva really is sincere in making these boylets achieve stardom in the “real” sense, they should be casted in mainstream films that are seen by more people other than gays.

  4. rd dantes, have you seen the thai movie — the love of siam. nice yun. best gay movie ever kahit walang kabalahuraan tulad ng mga churva churva sa parola na padeep deep kakainis naman.

  5. heto ang may K na sumikat, unlike others like Johnron na ang nabibigay na roles lang sa mainstream ay pa extra extra tulad ng role ng sa Lobo. hihihi

  6. hello mr. kakasawa,

    well blame it to the “pink money” that’s been strong in supporting these gay flicks. Gay or pink power is shown to be a profitable segment and viva acknowledges it, kaya ineexploit nila ito. businessmen sila no. boxoffice hits ang mga ginagawang gay movies sa indiesine kaya sila gawa nang gawa. kung mainstream fare ang hanap mo, manood ka na lang ng tv, libre pa, yan kasi ang mindset ng mga ordinaryong pinoy ngayon. sa sobrang hirap ng buhay ngayon no, bakla na lang yata ang gumagastos sa mga panonood ng pelikula, and other vain stuff. 🙂 bongga! gets?

  7. The boys are casted in mainstream scenes albeit in small roles. Harry and the Provoq Men appeared in the Robin-Aiai movie. It takes along time before landing major roles in maistream materials. It took years for Dingdong Dantes, Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis before they got major roles in mainstream 🙂

  8. ay gusto ko talaga ito among the men of provoq! how can i contact him? help me naman rd dearie… 😉

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