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Orlando Sol relaxes

I watched the indie movie Kamoteng Kahoy, and Orlando Sol was in it as a bit player. He played one of the street punks, and he is dark, muscled and sexy in a sweaty-greasy way.  I just hope he’ll go daring and bold next time as a screen stud.  Speaking of studs, the movie got me entertained not because of the screenplay but because of the male actors comprising the cast. Obviously it was a reunion of sorts for the director’s wards, who were the studs in 90s soft-porn flicks from Anton Bernardo to Gerald Madrid. Most of them got fat and lost some teeth, but some are still hot [e.g. Dante Gomez].
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  1. napanood ko ang Kamoteng Kahoy
    walang kwenta . si Orlando walang role dun . tambay lang sa kanto pero inferness malaki katawan nya ngayun at yummy!

  2. sana nga mag bold na lang sya ng bonggang bongga kasi may K naman sya na mag bomba. hindi kasi sumikat sikat at napapansin. tyak papansinin to pag naghubad na

  3. dakilang extra na lang yata itong batang ito. kailan pa sya sisikat, sana nga tuoy tuloy na mag bold

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