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Joash and Paolo Get Ready

The new gay movie Heavenly Touch is coming out on May 13 and its lead actors Joash Balejado and Paolo Serrano are getting ready. The two actors figure prominently in this Joel Lamangan-directed flick, a follow-up to the highly successful Walang Kawala film released by DMV Entertainment a few months back. The trailer is now uploaded to YouTube and Joash gets to top Paolo and Marco Morales in the sensitive scenes of the same-sex persuasion.

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  1. I’m excited with this film… I’ve seen the trailer in YouTube and I must say its sooooo hhooottt!!! Papa Marco is still the best 🙂

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  3. kawawa naman magulang ni joash !!

    nasa icu! hindi kinaya ang kahalayan at kababuyan na pinaggagawa ng anak sa porno film na ititzz..

    itinakwil na cya ng mga kamag-anak sa negros!!

  4. nakakabitin ang trailer!

    na-ICU ang nanay nitong si joash nang mapanood ung trailer ng movie.. trailer palang yan ha!! eh paano na kung buong pelikula nah..

    from a reliable source, meron daw actual penetration si joash sa directors cut! sana naman di tuluyang matigok nanay n’ya.. goodluck nalang 2 him!!

  5. the priced you have to pay!!

    achieving instant fame and small fortune at the expense of your family’s name!! i heard about his mother, nagkagulo sa kanila..

    di matanggap AGI (bayot) anak nilang si joash!! tapos ganyan pa pinagagawa sa trailer pa lang ng pelikula nya ha!!

    sad story!!

  6. in furla mukhang masarap si Joash sa trailer. sa pictures kasi low class na low class ang dating.

  7. na ICU vah? juice koh, what more kung nalaman ng mudra nya ang mga pinaggagawa ng anak nya prior to this movie, baka derecho na sha sa sementeryo.

  8. Joash was a former student of Rizal High School in Pasig City and I must admit that at a very young age he was a sex worker. He used to lived in Taytay.

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