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Paolo Serrano Candid

The photo on the left was taken while the publicity shots of hunky Paolo Serrano were being made on the beach for his new movie Heavenly Touch.  While he looks a bit chunkier in the candid shot, still, Paolo Serrano looks yummy and delish.  This guy with the hairy legs and a penchant for showing his large penis on [amateur] cam plays the lover of new-kid-on-the-meat-block Joash Balejado in the gay flick. They have a sausage fest together.  Heavenly Touch will be shown in theaters starting 13 May 2009.
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  1. nakakalibog talaga itong si paolo. instantly nanginig ang kalamnan ko at parang gusto ko na agad mag self sex e, nasa opis ako..naku paolo humanda ka mamya at pagpaparausan ko ang left photo mo pagdating sa haus ko muna to sa laptop ko at hayyyyyy sarap mo paolo mahal kohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Is he also for hire? I want to try him.

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  3. naku mga ateng, na interview yan si paolo sa dzmm teleradyo at bading na bading kung umasta. kadiri na siya. hahaha… sobrang pahada sa mga bading ay nahawa na yata.

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