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Phil leaves Celebrity Duets

Of course, I was hoping and wishing that the clothes designer [the one with the special friendship with the chef-contestant] will be voted off the show. Turns out, it was football hunk Phil Younghusband, who cried unabashedly last night when he was eliminated at Celebrity Duets Season 2. Not necessarily heartbreaking, but the way Phil cried made him a lot more cuter, if you ask me. He is not destined to be a singer – that’s for sure, but the tall, handsome and nice Filipino-British Phil sure has a long way to go in showbusiness.
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  1. Yep, I fully agree. I almost felt instantly in love w/ him when he started to shed tears. I think Phil is really a nice guy – I also hope w/ him football will become more popular in the country

  2. Nakuuu nang intriga ka na naman RD! siguro showbiz reporter ka. nakita mo din na magkasama sila JC Buendia at JL Cang lagi sa mga press events. Siguro naman Friends lang sila. Pero sa duets lang sila nagkakilala di ba? or baka naman getting to know you stage pa lang sila. kalerkey!

  3. my heart goes out to phil………he is a genuine nice guy…i just wanna hug him when he cried………..ganun ang mga briton hindi nahihiya umiyak ang mga yan…………….sana gma 7 will groom phil as a leading man…he has undeniable star quality and good looks …he is also talented…konting hasa and training he will be perfect…

  4. at least they are still part filipino…what about all these foreign models stealing all the oppurtunities from the filipino models because they look white………..which one do u prefer the half filipino who looks kinda white or the foreigner who doesnt even care or represent u……..

  5. it is exactly my point – look around you – do these half-breeds or foreigners look like your relatives, friends or co-workers or the average pinoy?

  6. well they look like me…..and my relatives……… thats why i prefer the half breeds kasi i look closer to them………..

  7. He’s cute but, like your typical Englishman, is quite dry and in need of personality. When Ogie was clowning around with him and a red feather boa, Phil seemed so dead and could hard even smile.

    This men-who-cry thing is all around. On Survivor Philippines, it was JC who cried first during tribal council, even beating the girls to it.

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