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Piolo is still top

Number one leading-man-of-the-moment Piolo Pascual should take his cue from fellow actor Dingdong Dantes. When asked about rumors linking him to his new leading lady in a soap, Dingdong says that there’s no compulsion to drum up romantic involvement with the girl and that they are just in it for purely professional matters to make the soap one hell of a show. Piolo should just stick to that, too, because – [1] nobody – except little girls and lonely frauens – will believe that he’s really courting the female lead, and [2] his talent and good looks will always carry him through, without any distraction.
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  1. he is getting quite old. the sad part is he hasn’t grown much as an actor. it is the same kind of acting and stories: love this, love-team garbage. he is too old for it. even his last endie (Manila) acting was awful. it is time for him to find materials that require real acting.

  2. number one leading man at the moment? on what basis? has he had a box-office hit without the names judy ann and claudine tagged along? was his last tv outing a hit? nah.

    that title clearly belong to john lloyd cruz. gosh, even with luis as cinematic partner spells chemistry!

    sure piolo remains hot, as proven by his string of commercials. still, his is a name to reckon with. but no way is he THE leading man of the moment. aside from lloydie, he has to get pass richard g. (a difficult task considering how his dream boy fared vis-a-vis richard’s movie at that time).

  3. korek! kung totoo mang closeta sha o hindi, wala pa ring naniniwala sa mga kachenesan niya!

    pero sarap niya sa pic na itich huh. pawisan pa, sarap dilaan ng katawan. suwerte naman ni mark bautista, kung totoo man ang mga blind items.

  4. Pretending to be somebody you are not will never get you to places where you can soar up and fly to reach your potential

  5. didnt it ever occur to all of you Piolo’s movies dont do well at boxoffice, no regular teleserye (if at all it is short lived), and he is living in fantasy…sya na lang ang di alam na NAKASUKA na ang pa love angle niya with leading ladies with no talents either. Please enough of piolo…at saka diba he uses his religious beliefs when convenient eh ano itong pa sexy niya…

  6. He maybe is pretending on screen, but off screen he is free as a bird. DOuble life. He reaps the benefits of being adored by women and gays. And another life where he can express himself with people who really know Piolo. Pero bakit kaya masyadong pointy and hard ang nips niya? Does he stimulate it before shoots or permanent effect ng steroids?

  7. paano ba ang bading nagkakaroon ng anak, un ang hindi ko maintindihan! ang mga palengkerang bakla na nagco comment dito ng nega ay tatayuan ba ng *i*e kung makakita ng mussels? huhahahaha. peace.

  8. oo nga mukhang hindi sya umaariba na because same na lang ang formula ng career nya. puro pa cute. e nagawa na ni aga muhlach yun.

  9. the sad thing is piolo has ceased to be a believable leading man. and this thing about being “peter pan” to kc’s “tinkerbell” is simply … revolting.

    mukha namang mabait si piolo. never uttered a bad word against anyone. kaya lang maybe he should be a little discreet. since he insists that he is straight then at the very least, he should be very careful with his actions.

    para kasing makagagawa ka na ng anthology ng mga romantic liaisons nya with various actors/singers (eric quizon, sam milby, yul servo, mark bautista … sino pa?). yung mga incidents very detailed pa. paano ba yan?

  10. piolo is all hype. like britney spears, his fame is manufactured, that’s why he has no box office clout. Nauuto lang tayo ng PR department ng ABS. sikat nga siya dahil sa dami ng exposures thanks to his PR machinery working on overdrive, pero hindi siya matatawag na top leading man dahil wala nga syang box office appeal..


    Much love and gratitude to you, RD! Sana mag-pictorial pa si Papa Piolo kung saan ipapakita niya ulit ang mga kilikili niyang mabulbol.


  12. ang sarap naman ng pic na 2…parang gusto niya na hubarin mo pants niya…sayang nga lang kasi ala man lang katambok-tambok. pero oks na oks na kasi sarap naman ng abs at nipples!

  13. thanks RD my dick got fucking hard 2day and i cummed hella cuz of the pic u posted of piolo! i hope that u get to post more!

  14. RD meron ka bang copy ng video ni papa p habang tini-take tong pics na 2? masmasarap cgurong jakolan un! paki post mo nga please! or give me the site!

  15. top talaga yan ang super galing na top…shit ang sarap niyang tumira…expert na expert…ang dami pa kung maglabas ng tamod!

  16. pag sila ni sam milby, top siya…pero kung sila ni mark bautista o yuls servo, bottom siya kasi mas malaki and mga nota nila kaysa kay papa p!

  17. He’s only as good as Star Cinema wants him to be. He had promise as an actor but he sold out to money and stability.

    He makes me sick to the bone — bading na walang respeto sa sarili. He is basking in fake sunlight. Everything about him is fabricated, machined and calculated. It’s all about money. He is nice because he has to be.

    What a sad life he must have. Guwapo nga. Magaling sana. Pero walang substance. At the end of the day its all about money. Money. Money.

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