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There was a time when GMA-7’s top guy Dingdong Dantes was in a league with Polo Ravales. Both started out as teen actors in GMA’s most popular teen show then. Now Dingdong has evolved into the leading man of his time, thanks to his studio’s aggressive efforts to up his street cred. On the other hand, Polo seems to have resigned to the fact that he’ll never climb up the ladder in the studio backlot. He has accepted roles in indie cinema, some rather risque, e.g. Walang Kawala. These days, Polo is doing supporting roles on tv, if not the token cute-boy-with-the-great-bod villain.
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  1. grabe!!! parang gus2 kong sipsipin ung nasa loob ng red trunks!!!!

    grabeh!!! nakakaloka ang resolution ng picture na to!!!


  2. yung friend ko, friend nya may ari ng F and H…diba model to ng f and H dati? gwapo daw maliit lang titi sabi ng may ari ng f and h….I dont know how true…

  3. these men and women are disposable which is really bad for the industry. when young people are not given the time to improve and mature doing thier kraft, the industry will never develop really good actors. i can’t name any really great performers anymore. the industry is full of very young but very bad or mediocare performers.

  4. “…to improve and mature doing thier (sic) kraft…” – hey, what do you refer to? kraft cheese, or craft, meaning skill or artistry? okay, baka naman kraft cheese ang meaning mo. hihihi

    i like polo though. may something sya, at ewan kung napaligaya nya ng todo si matronic jean garcia

  5. Sana hidi na lang sya nag pa exploit sa Walang Kawala , wala naman sya napala dun. Hindi naman sya sumikat lalo.

  6. Parang tuloy bumaba ang star value nya after nung indie movie. Naghubad kasi ng todong todo. Wala na yata syang matinong manager. Dapat classy ang image na.

  7. i just finished watching his indie film roomboy when i open rd’s site and it surprises me that Polo is on the latest article. what a coincidence.

  8. hayyy, nandito nanaman ang grammar police. typo lang yan. everybody undestrands his point pero ikaw gaga, walang point. what a bore.

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