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Welcome Back!

Welcome back from the USA, Prince Stefan!
We sincerely hope you get back into showbiz. At once!
You were sorely missed.
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  1. i miss prince! magaling naman siyang actor. sana makabalik siya sa showbiz at mabigyan ng magagandang projects. i really like prince since starstruck days!

  2. You people are so mean. For one cedric has a kind heart, he’s very pleasant, educated, absolutely comfortable and very nice to be with. He had (and maybe still having) a very special thing with prince. These are all positive reasons to be happy about and i can not for the love of god understand why some of you are so pissed. If you guys are envious all the time then you don’t deserve to be happy.

  3. Dapat siguro mag seryoso na lang sya at hindi na pagimik gimik. sayang sya kung ganun, gwapo naman sya, may talent naman. At maganda katawan!

  4. nasuso ko na ito.mataba ang burat 6inches,versa isa ito sa sex partner ni paolo balesteros that time.

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