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Happy Wednesday!

I feel good on Wednesdays! Probably because it is halfway through the workweek before the weekend comes. In case you are forgetting Harry Chua made famous by the Parola movie, I’m posting his ballsy photo in here on my feel-good day. Though he was not included in the Provoq lineup at the Bench show last weekend, Harry Chua is still busy with his out-of-town commitments.
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  1. OH LEX, LEX, LEX…kelan lalabas ang Antonio in DVD (i’m so hot for Harry!). you owe me a copy for using 2 of my HMP posts in your (joke only). are you sure Rochester is a good place to showcase Antonio? i’ve been there few times and it is a small, sleepy, good ol’ yankee town (lots of Obama look-a-like and Baptists). Why not N.Y., ORD, or even Toronto. Anyways, maybe one of these days…Oh ya, oh ya, oh ya RD…how about Bench Blackout on DVD? any plans to mass market copies?

  2. yumminess to the max!!!!!thanks rd!!!! di ba aside from him and adrian ..may kasama pa sila sa frontman-if i may not be mistaken-kung saan kuha pix na iyo???? can you feature him also rd???? bakit till now wala ka pa post ng pix nya????

  3. harry chua talagang walang katakot ibukangkang ang kanyang nota. dalang dala naman nya. good luck harry.

  4. RD…help me out naman…paano makabili ng frontman mag na yan..nandito kami sa USA kasi…any infos on how to? help!…miss ko si Harry!!!

  5. bakit ba pa brief brief pa, eh wala na naman syang maitatago sa sangkabadingan after parola. full frontal na next time please, para hindi boring ang pictorial.

  6. hi. Harry is not in Antonio 🙂 I have been to Rochester as well on my way to Niagara falls and I agree with you, it’s quite a sleepy town.

    Antonio has also received invitations to Tokyo and Sydney 🙂

  7. SEXY LEXY…my mistake. that’s what you get for blogging at 5:00 AM EST. the mind gets TWISTED like spaghetti pumpkin (or Antonio’s mind, my personal opinion).

    i still believe Antonio deserves a break in the “Big League” festivals here in N.A. what is Tokyo & Sydney? they are homophobic and tight-ass cities. the $$$ are here (N.A.). Lex, you know the saying, “there’s only one place i’d rather be – HOLLYWOOD”. the critics are brutal tho compared to the old soldiers of bayang magiliw. a bonus – SHOPPING IS GOOD (ask Manny Pacquiao and his wife).

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