Hot Men in the Philippines


Talks are rife that the pioneering sexy men’s group Viva Hotmen will be reactivated. I’m not so sure with the “regroup” word, though, as most of the original members have gone their separate ways – and, of course, have already advanced in years.  Reportedly, the management group which came up with the bevy of boys are putting together a new batch – more audacious and cocky.  “Viva” will also be dropped from the name, and instead the hunky bunch shall be simply called “Hotmen”.  For now, we’ll have to wait and see.  In photo: the Johnron [left] and Anthony Logan of Provoq, the Viva Hotmen spinoff.
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  1. RD, thanks for the info. Am keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to see the new batch of “Hotmen”. Btw RD, why don’t you put up a group of gorgeous boys from your site? Just an idea.

  2. shelved ang project kasi di lahat ng hotmen kaya yung pictorial na kita na kalahati ng titi nila na pang climax, nakausap ko one member ng hotmen d daw nila keri

  3. naka-usap ko nga si gabs del rosario one time. sabi niya ayaw talaga niya mag expose ng any part ng etits niya unlike yung mga kasama niya. sabi ko sa kaniya baka naman dahil wala siyang kayang ipangtapat sa mga giant torpedoes nila josh ivan morales at kristoffer king. sabi niya sa akin sira daw ulo ko. hehehe

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