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Where is Harry Laurel?

Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel is gone-a-missin’ again.  The cutesy member of Viva’s Men of Provoq has lately been making himself scarce.  Johnron says that the daring star of Ang Lalake sa Parola has been busy lately with out-of-town appearances and shows.  In fact, according to Johnron, Harry was in Macau recently on a trip.  Wherever he is and whatever  he is doing now, Harry is sorely missed on the big screen. 

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  1. Sino naman kaya ang kasama ni Harry sa out-of-town trips at sa Macau? Kung sino man siya, kainggit siya, ha.

    I’m a great fantasizer of Harry but in this picture, parang malake at maikli ang waist niya. And what’s with the tattoo? Is he trying to be a Japanese tattoo artist or subject?

  2. Mukhang he’s good in bed acrobats as seen in Kamasutra 2..his movements and facia;l expressions in the video will drive you into multiple orgasms….OH! Harry Oh!

  3. Finally saw “Parola”. It’s not a bad effort at all and the scenery is gorgeous but, really, Harry is the only reason to watch this film, nudity or wala, although, of course, I prefer the former. Namit gid! 😛 (Sorry, Justin isn’t a fit dito. There’s something about the make-up … let’s just say he looks kinda odd dito. Could it be dahil they were covering up the redness from the facial he did while filming? Nice ass though.)

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