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Underwear model and actor Rafael Rosell looked so fresh and delish when he was just starting out seven years ago, pre-ABS-CBN and –Bench Body [right image]. Now, after his string of success as a favorite model for the local underwear brand, Rafael has taken to surfing and looks like this [left image]. Do you think he’s still looking hot?
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  1. hindi na mukha na siyang tuyo at bungarot..dahit sobrang hot at kalibog siya not anymore….

  2. Ulam pa rin yan mga becky. Wag ipokrita kapag nghubad yan sa harapan nyo e luluhod pa rn kau pra magserbisyong totoo!!!<3

  3. Annoying nose! Porke ba tisoy , cute na mga beki? Isa pa to sa mahilig magbuyangyang sa mga Bench shows…

  4. my sentimental favorite hunky of all time… i love his lean body, his stunning face and infectious smile… <3

  5. YES.. NAMAN! he may look dried up on screen pero i’ve seen him twice this year and he still looks fresh in perosn

  6. May mga haircut lang na hindi bagay sa kanya. Tapos hindi bagay sa kanya ang tan. Pero ok pa rin with the right cut and bawasan ang babad sa araw.

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