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Does Rafael Rosell take great pleasure in shedding his clothes off and teasing, flashing in public? Because he’s always naked in pictures and shows or maybe shirtless when he’s sober, Rafael might easily be mistaken for an exhibitionist. You know, that compulsive behavior to expose the private parts – except, that Rafael has not put on view his penis yet. At the Bench shows, the organizers had no difficult time asking him to stand naked and flash his plump buttocks. At the Coverboys shows abroad, he proudly parades his fanny even when he’s not required to do so. Now, I’m getting it why – despite an acting award from a prestigious organization, he is not being taken seriously.
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  1. Come to think of it… I’ve never ever seen him fully clothed. He’s gotta be the most photographed naked popular actor on the planet.

  2. Love to see his plump buttocks…. oozing with sex appeal, that’s rafael rossell.. visit his profile at yahoo.groups:

    just type


  3. He is so yummy! I just want to gobble him up! I’ve been watching Bud Brothers. He still hasn’t shown any boner in the series though. 🙁

  4. Pansinin nyo kahit sa TV mahilig magpakita ng butt crack sa precious hearts. buti nga walang nagrereklamo sa MTRCB. At dapat lang walang magreklamo. Parang cleavage lang sa babae. I think he will get noticed more for his acting in the future. Mainstream award giving bodies (even the oscars) don’t like rewarding actors who get into trouble and whose image is not “clean”. He may win in more artsy film festivals who don’t care much about excessive nudity, sex, violence etc. Or if he makes his public image “more wholesome” he might win again. Gina PAreno was snubbed for the longest time because of her addiction past.

  5. in this moment of grief, we extend our sincerest condolence to the Aquino Family. we are proud to be filipinos. let us join to be one nation to fight for democracy.

  6. si Rafael ang tipong frustrated hubadero noon. kaya ngayon hubad na ng hubad. tama ka RD wala nang seseryoso sa kanya kasi ganyan ang dating nya

  7. paano nga naman at walan sumiseryoso dito eh game na game to sa hubaran di ba wenn at ariel.

    pag hubad , huabd talaga so yung mga bading na nakapaligid sa kanya nag sawa na!

    ok tung batang itu walang ka kyeme kyeme sa hubaran.

    look and watch ka nga lang kasi pag nag touching touching ka

    patay kang bata ka! d vah deo!

  8. may ipapakita naman, eh. hayaan na natin siyang magpakita ng gusto niyang ipakita. Choosy pa ba tayo, mga ate?

  9. are you complaining rd that hes always shirtless or naked? if you ask me, i have no problem with it whatsoever =D

  10. nagsiping na kami ni rafael…tigasin siya…hilig niya talagang maghubad…nakakainis nga eh kasi pag nag-sesex kami ang bilis niya kung maghubad…tuloy hindi ko ma-enjoy ang pag-strip sa kanya…para siya parating atat na atat sa sex…bilis niya parating tigasan…hawakan mo lang eh tumitigas na…kaya nga parating boxers suot niya kasi pag tumigas na siya lalo na habang nakapantalon…matagal bago lumambot ulit…never ko pa siyang nakitang malambot na tulog…siguro kasi puro sex lang nasa utak niya kaya parati siyang matigas!

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