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More Raymond Cabral

Newest hunk on the frontal nudity block Raymond Cabral returns with more photos! He’s in the new movie called Tutok, which is scheduled for showing on 27 May 2009 at selected theaters. Of course, this won’t just be a sex movie, as it is an indictment of media’s follies and quirks. Raymond plays “a rebel who engages in a lot of homosexual activities,” according to the press kit. That got me curiouser , plus the sight of his erect penis, natch! Trailer is now on YouTube.
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  1. ..mawatch ko n un trailer nito s utube…tlgng nghubad nga sex kng sex…ang yummy..supa hot…goodluck s fil & more powers…


    wtch dis muvi ol guys..

  2. Grabe naman! Sa dinami-rami ng brand eh Brute pa! Don’t tell us na siya ang endorser ng nasabing brief. In fairness, may dating talaga si Raymond Cabral kahit ano pa ang ipasuot n’yo. . .

  3. yes edward tama ka khit anu ipasoot mo carey ni idol raymond cabral… sori hind panget ang skin nya sana tignan mo muna sya ng personal stupida…

  4. yes edward calling to the company of BRUTE… get nyong indorser c raymond cabral carey nya a product nyo at nbgayan nya ng justice infairness,,,hehe mag bbbbbbbbbbrute na . hehehehe….

  5. Hoy anong masama sa BRUTE pronounced as “BBRRRRROOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT” katunog nung game show na “Gimme an A” Brrrrrrroooooootttttttttttt bwahahahahaaah 😉

  6. finally i saw him in person malakas ang appeal nya! hwag ka lng magbgo raymond u go along the way… more power.

  7. marco m, . manginig ka na kci ok tong batang eto gwapo at matngkad at mukhng my talent sa acting when i saw in teaser ng tutok.

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