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Sagwan Boys

At this time of the year in 2009, promotions were underway for the indie flick Sagwan introducing two bikini contest veterans – Dennis Torres [left] and Ryan Dungo. The boys were bold and daring in the movie which got a double X rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. Sagwan made waves further by pitting the MTRCB against the University of the Philippines [UP] when the movie was shown in the university’s Film Center sans cuts. MTRCB asserted it had jurisdiction over the university, which in turn denied such interference. Just the same, the damage had been done – UP stopped the showing of gaycore indie flicks. And what happened to the boys? They are back in the bikini contests.
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  1. so much ado ever since about the uncut version of this film. ano ba meron dun, haber? nag-flip-flop bareback ba ang dalawang itechibam? anuverr?? kalukah.

  2. papost naman please number ni Ryan Dungo sobrang type ko sya maski mukhang unggoy pero ma appeal at malaki kargada confrimed ng friends ko.

  3. Si dennis nakuha ko na yan dati noon sa Cavite. Ok lang, reggie regalado pero performer sya. mabait at mabango.

  4. Si Dennis taga sa amin. Dati nakikita ko umaga na nauwi akala ko call center sya nagwork. ngayon tuoy nagduda na ako hehehe.

  5. Type ko silang dalawa simula nung napanood ko yung Sagwan/ May uncut version ba na dvd ng Sagwan? San nabibili? Kasi wala nun sa Quiapo.

  6. yeah, where can i dnload/buy the uncut version??? the current version released has NOTHING at all….not even the pubic 🙁

  7. jowa ng officemate ko ung isa jan… kwento nga maliit lang daw. Ok lang looks sayang may bangaw sa muka. Pero balita ko may iba pa jowang bakla to… iba na pag datung na ang usapan.

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