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So it is definite that actor-singer Sam Milby has left local clothing brand Bench for its rival Folded & Hung. This is the first ad that came out, and while you may have to squint a bit for the finer details of Sam’s excellent form and figure because this was lifted from some rag, that is Sam alright, sexy and sure. In fact, this ad is quite similar to the one he did for Bench a couple of years ago [see link]. Now, will Sam also do the underwear and shorts ads of Folded & Hung just like what Joem Bascon did before?
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  1. Let hope so!!! Bench has really lagged in terms of promo and stuff, especially in photo shoots. Folded & Hung and even Penshoppe have stepped up. So I hope this is good for Sam! (and for us who want to see him as naked as possible!) Hehe.

  2. He is still looks yummy after all these years. his boyish good looks are lasting. Mabait kasi kaya di bumabagsak. Go Samuel!

  3. ang cute naman ni Sam dito hahaha
    well, it’s a career move. siguro mas malaki bayad andthat’s how it goes. the guy needs to earn money in the business.

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