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What’s your lucky number?

I didn’t realize that today is the much-vaunted eight day of the eight month of the eight year [supposedly] of the new millennium. Apparently, the 888 combination is quite lucky, which belief comes from the Chinese reliance on the number 8 as the most lucky number. And then again, according to reports, this may not be a lucky day after all [according to the Chinese, again]. This is because the Chinese seventh month, usually August, is the most ill-fated time of the year. It is called Ghost Month, the most inauspicious time, during which important decisions and activities such as travel, weddings, moving to a new house and even swimming are suspended. Whatever. Here’s lucky guy no. 8, Sherwin Mark Cortez, 18 years old, 5’8″-tall and a student in an exclusive school in Metro Manila. Tee-hee.
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  1. oooooohhh… young and fresh! mukhang mabango! amoy baby powder for choor! hihihi.

    sang exclusive school itich? Mapua? Adamson? Letran? Don’t tell me La Salle or Ateneo huh???? kung san mang school, ako na magbabayad ng tuition nya for 1 year bigyan lang niya ko ng 1 nite. CHOS!!!!

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