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LukeModel Luke Jickain trims his pits

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  1. Sexier pag trimmed ang armpit hair. It’s aesthetically unpleasing (for me anyway) pag ang haba ng mga mga buhok sa underarms tapos nag stick out kahit nakababa ang arms. Tapos ang gross tignan pag sweaty.

        1. Anonymous 1:23 pm -Hayaan mo nalang siya. Wag mo na patulan. If para sa kanya ang batayan ng pagiging tunay na lalaki eh yung mga madungis tignan. To each his own.

  2. Ok eto alam naten na Homo. What about Martin who’s disappeared and last we’ve seen…TABA!!!

    1. Teka ha, itama lang ulit natin… (who disappeared and the last time since we saw…) ganyan teh.

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