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Enchong has a concert tonight! (next week also)

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      1. Yes, naniniwala ako na ikaw si Batman. Because you said so.Now, you believe me na?

      2. I haven’t seen a gay batman. Who does he rescue? Hapless guys in distress. Bwahahahahahahaha!

  1. Halatang may favoritism ka RD, free advertisement talaga para sa concert ni Enchong. . Kung sa diyaryo pa, 2 full pages talaga. . He he he he!

  2. Halatang may favoritism ka RD ah. . Free Advertisement talaga para sa concert ni Enchong. . Kung sa newspaper pa yan, 2 full pages ang exposure!

  3. TEH? Magaling mag sing along c sisterette ng helmet na kulay pinK! Lol. Tuwad More ate Enchong!

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