Hot Men in the Philippines

ArtHansNew Bench Body models: Arthur Tselishchev (left) and Hans Weiser.

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  1. That cinco underwear is so 80’s. Kung ako kay cinco, pasahurin nya ng maayos yung mga workers nya sa Dubai. He and his Egyptian partner among others are conniving, thieving bitches.

    1. Yes

      However, Arthur is a closet homophobe.
      He will only get near to those with money and those with money should approach him first.

      On the other hand, Hans is friendly and open to conversation which he sometimes initiate first.

      I go for Hans.

  2. Si baby arthur yung sumali sa you’re my foreignoy. Sayang di nakasama sa semis. Pero bet. Pak na pak. Basta european, daks.

    1. Teh obviosang di ka pa nakakatikim ng european mga nakikita mong europeans mga nasa porn lang. Nakarami ako nung nag bakasyon ako sa europe at marami sa kanila reggie regalado lang… Di ba rd?

  3. Owmegad! I wanna die! My nerves! Ang daming mga hanashi mga nagmamaganda mga wala dn nmang hitsura hnd pa tinangay ng baha hahaha. Haters! Gonna hate hate hate. Bwahahaha kawai sa lahat:+)

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