Hot Men in the Philippines


Tough 3 at the Cosmo Carnival show.

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  1. 3 kings, vince admitted that his armpit smells mabaho na daw after his workout thats why he can’t go and live without a soap. On the tim yap show.

  2. Eh pano ang cha chaka ng mga model na kinuha ngayon tapos yung mga beterano hindi pa rin makapag hubad hubad!!!! Yun na!!!!!!!

  3. sobrang boring daw..buti na lang di ako nanood last night. wala man lang nagpakita ng bulge among the centerfold. mas ka-abang-abang pa ang bench fashion show .mas daring ang mga eksena.

  4. The show was so boring! The funny thing is that the pants of the centerfolds have these zippers on the side that they can use to unzip and tease the audience with some skin but nobody took the risk. Oh well, they still showed their abs which for me, makes the Php 300 ticket worth it.

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