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It has come to this. That’s Jave Villaviza.

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  1. Codpiece (from Middle English: cod, meaning “scrotum”): is a covering flap or pouch that attaches to the front of the crotch of men’s trousers and usually accentuates the genital area. It was held closed by string ties, buttons, or other methods. It was an important item of European clothing in the 15th and 16th centuries, and is still worn in the modern era in performance costumes for rock music and metal musicians and in the leather subculture while an Athletic cup protects in a similar fashion.
    Source: Wikipedia

    1. This is nudity contest at its w̶o̶r̶s̶t̶ best.

      *corrected, you hypocritical twit.

      So sick and tired of people like you browsing at this site and acting like the god damn moral police.

      What do you expect from this site? Recipe for Chicken Pastel? Go away.

      1. whoever you are you anonymous freak faggot imbecile you are the reason why gays are mistreated because everyone thinks dicks are the only thing in their brains. ngayon balik sa picture na ito. kadiri siya dahil hindi man lang nagprepare ng sarili. sana pina braziian nya muna bulbul niya no.

        1. Uhm not all gays hate the pubes, I, for one, love it. And as you can see, he trimmed it for the “pageant.”

          As for your f***** comment, words like that only show that there are still self-hating homosexuals in the world. You are not doing our community any favors. You go away.

      2. OA ka teh to the highest level! Anonymous only commented about it as a worst nude contest may mga morality chuva ka pang pinagsasabi!

  2. while we celebrate nudity as an art… there is a fine line between art and mere exploitation.. poor young men being forced to exploit themselves for $$ sake

    1. Nobody asked these men to get naked for money. Simply put, no one is being exploited here.

      No one FORCED them to strip for money.
      No one in the “bikini show” trade is claiming that strutting on stage almost naked is an art.

      It is what it is, a show to make gay men’s sexual fantasies close to reality.

      The thrill of the peekaboo.

      Meanwhile, I think it’s almost anti-gay to claim that men who participate in such shows are exploited. No, they are not. They all chose to do whatever to they want to with their bodies. And there should be nothing wrong about it, after all they aren’t hurting anyone (in the legal sense anyway.)

      So enough with the moral policing and the hypocrisy. After all, YOU are the one browsing So hush up appreciate his body, get off your moral high ground and masturbate.

      1. excuse me sis i am not pertaining to rddantes rather I’m talking about those pervert organizers exploiting these poor young men forcing them to wear such bikinis designed none other than perverts themselves…

  3. Let me get this right…a website devoted to MEN, featuring them in VARIOUS STATES OF NUDITY, and even occasionally featuring DICK PICS and SCANDALS, is COMPLAINING about near-nudity in sleazy bikini contests? Not very hypocritical, not at all. *extremely sarcastic eyeroll*

  4. Gusto naman ng mga boylets na yan ang pagbuyangyang ng mga katawan at bukol nila sa madla para marami maglaway sa kanila at umupa sa kanila. Callboys mga yan kaya way lang nila yan para ipromote sarili nila.

  5. bading po yan… khit paanorin nyo ung vid nya s youtube. gay n gay kumilos. kadiri! bakit mga silahis at bading ngayon nagjojoin n ng mga bikini contest. siguro pra makakita lang ng mga lalaking nakahubas s dressing room. haha

  6. I wuld have to agree that it is hypocrisy to cry “malaswa” everytime you visit a site that features men in their nakedness. If you wsnt them fully clothed, you could’ve checked Candy Mag’s website. Or Cosmo, for a little skin but not much pubes. I mean, seriously, who are we to be high and mora, we are all here for the same thing. Not unless you just got into this website by mistake and was surprised by the boldness of these guys in nothing but cloths covering their dicks.

    As for exploitation, of course, they are being exploited. Say that they are willingly doing it, say no one is forcing them, but if they had better choices, I’m pretty sure they would’ve chosen otherwise. It isn’t for the kicks, it’s money and fame. And when you’re forced to do things so you can get to an end, YUP, that is exploitation. And we, my friends, enjoy it.

  7. Mahalay,malaswa at bastos ang mga pics ni JAVE VILLAVIZA kapirasong tela lang ang nakabalot sa kanyang ari at nakabuyangyang pa ang kanyang puwet wala na ba syang magawang disente at matino maghanap na man sya ng marangal na trabaho hindi yung ikalakal nya ang kanyang katawan sa harapan ng mga baklang hayok sa laman

  8. panoorin nyo ung vid nya sa youtube… nkahubad na nagtutuwad tuwad dun sa contest. takip kamay lang nya. kita na pati butas ng pwet kakatuwad at tumbling. callboy po kc yan. kaso bading na bading kumilos. hlta sa ateyyy. haha

  9. Andaming may ipinag-lalaban dito. If you’re after MORALITY, why come to his site in the first place? Kesyo ano pang sabihin niyo, lahat naman tayo gito gusto lang makakita ng hubad na lalaki. PS, anong title ng vid niya sa youtube? Can’t find anything. Pwede manghingi ng link?

  10. Nkita ko rin sa youtube. gusto ko sana panoorin sya na ganoon lang ang soot kaya lang halatang halata ang pilantik na mga kamay at paa. nkakwalang gana

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