Hot Men in the Philippines


Real man Victor Aliwalas.

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  1. my man! my ultimate dream fuck hunk! i luv everything about him! jakol ng jakol na naman ako buong araw! ohh! victor pls fuck me now!

  2. 2 reasons why he keeps on doing this….1 need na nya ang exposure. dati kasi maarte to sa hubaran. e walang nangyari sa career e… eto kelangan na…ayan. 2. oo exhibitionist yan…i heard and saw him couple of times already…sa cr.

    1. You’re a huge tard fabricating horse shits! 1. all his underwear pictorials are for TOOT underwear ads and promotion, so he has be in, what else, underwear! 2. you’re the exhibitionist here spewing perverted fantasies!

  3. This Guy is Married. Una syang nakita as Abogani ni Marian sa Marimar, part ng COSMO Bachelor 69 2008. He’s an entrepreneur if I’m not mistaken and He’s hot. He’s 31.

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