Hot Men in the Philippines

neil ryan

How about Neil Ryan Sese nekkid?

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  1. Thanks po, sana po preview nyo rin ung frontal po nya hehehehe kung meron po kasi sabi nila sa movie meron daw po . sana throwback nyo rin ung frontal solo ni darion cueto hehehe thanks po

  2. Oo meron daw frontal to sa isang indie film.. kaso cinemalaya kaya di available. San ba pwede ma view mga cinemalaya films na yan. Paki post naman kung sino meron.

    1. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (2005)
      A pre-scandal Paolo Serrano plays a macho dancer auditioning to become an actor, while a pre-Parola Justin De Leon is a masseur. These are two of the four stories about spiritual men and their bodies in this Gil Portes-directed drama, written by future star director Adolf Alix, Jr. The other two stories aren’t as gay, but the cast is handsome enough: Neil Ryan Sese and Richard Quan. Release the video!

      1. Nope not that one… im talking about hindi natatapos ang gabi.. dun sya may full frontal. Nag message pa nga ako dati sa director na si adolf alix hahaha! sabi i ask kung meron ba i release na dvd.. Sabi nya wala daw.

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