Hot Men in the Philippines

IMG_1045Junjun Quintana today. He has already left behind his frontal-nudity indie-flicks past.

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  1. Is he really over his frontal nudity acts in films? Well, its good that he has been getting good roles in indies (he even won an award), and is slowly inching to mainstream. I hope he still sheds clothes given the right projects.

  2. ay nakita ko itech sa food court,lumalafang with a matrona na naka-leather jacket. ewan ko lang kung makag-anak niya o benefactor. hihihi. maliit lang pala itech. at ang jeans niya very tight kaya nakabukol. di nga lang santol kundi sinigguelas! hahaha

  3. naku maliit lang tong taong toh….mga 5’5″ di naman kasi pang matinee ang dating….hanggang hubaran lang ang peg nito. good for him nanalo na sya ng award…. hmmmmm

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