Hot Men in the Philippines

Karl Kevin Javid

Smartbro guy Karl Kevin Javid has his charms.

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  1. he has this certain charm and hotness that makes your cock suddenly stand up upon seeing him. hmm, jakol na naman ng jakol to the maxx!

      1. English grammar mo siguro ok, kaya mapagpuna ka…PERO itry mo ding pag-aralan ang sariling wika..SHOULD BE “para hindi ka mapintasan!”

          1. If you cannot use the language correctly, then DO NOT USE THE INDIO LANGUAGE, as you call it… Practice what you preach!.. Ang galing mong mamintas pero gawain mo din… Manalamin muna paminsan minsan… Perhaps, you will turn out to be a better person or bading if you improve from within first!

          1. just wondering ba’t kau nagbi-bitchingan about grammar eh di naman talaga tau pinanganak with an English tongue plus thisis not a grammar site. for me, basta nagetch ko ibig sabihin, ok na. i don’t know the posters here so why bother about grammar.

    1. Omg crush ko silang dalawa in different ways. May poolside scene sa first commercial nila na kita yung paa nila. Yum

  2. Karl Kevin pala name nya, crush na crush ko to. Mabili siya sa TVC most notably yung Datu Puti Toyo’t Suka habang sumasayaw siya lol.

  3. He’s from lucban, quezon.
    He has 3 equally gorgeous sisters.
    And he’s cuter and hotter in real life. 🙂

    I like him more in datu puti kahit di sya dun naka hubad. Haha

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