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Kiefer’s right armpit.

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  1. josh torralba’s armpits are more sexy and appealing that compliment his flawless complexion. more of josh torralba please!

      1. “more sexy” is grammatically acceptable now. but beautifuller and expensiver are not and will never be acceptable, they sound awkward and so wrong,

  2. Gusto nyu makita ang pic ni keiffer na naka steing bikini? Took it 7 years ago in a very private room. Hmmmm walang kemi. Waala akong link…just photos. I dont evenmknow how to post it here. Para sa mga beking eyes only.

  3. Geez. He will do ANYTHING for attention. Now he’s exposing his pits for attention from the sex subculture of pit lovers.

    Most valuable media whore UAAP season 78.

    1. LOL. Do you honestly think that he deliberately did this? This was taken by someone after he made a shot. You and your imagination.

      1. Your address please? I’ll send you a sense of humor for an early Christmas present.

        How’s that for an Ateneo joke, with origins from Ateneo’s very own queen of media (whores) Kris Aquino.

        Speaking of media whores, Kiefer still wins the UAAP season 78 media whore award.

  4. Sir. Sana mag post kayo ng photo nung commercial model ng Alaxan,”Ako so Ryan. The Revicon Man.” Anyone knows him?

  5. Thank you her majesty queen for sending the pic of keifer ravena dont worry i will keep it forever in my pandoras box.

  6. Enjoy keifer’s sexy pic… his not so younger days….5 years ago. Ako ang nag design ng string bikini na suot nya.

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