Hot Men in the Philippines


With a little help.

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  1. With a little help from a smut magazine. Penthouse, probably.

    I remember, as a teen, jacking off from it, but not because of the women, but because of their hunky, beefy partners!

      1. hey […] stalker much ni tony lang ang peg mo? as in every comment nya patola ka???

        siguro crush mo si Tony and you wish he would to you the things his posts in the comments section no? AMININ! water-water ka kay Tony…

  2. I used to sneak into my parent’s room and hid under their bed until I discovered many adult magazines. That’s when I knew I was gay because I more attracted to the naked men rather than the naked women… Thank pa and ma for those wonderful years of my childhood, CHOS!

  3. in fairness nakakuha ng behind the scenes pictures si rddantes ng UP Oblation run. Ikaw na ang malakas sa APO fraternity!

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