Hot Men in the Philippines


“Macho dancer,” too.

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  1. Eh pano nga puro CORRUPT mga pulitiko natin. Look at Binay, mayor pa lang ay bilyones na ang kickback kaya poor ang bansa natin, hence ang daming nag-puputa!

  2. What a perspective… They’re just a minute part of the society… Don’t generalized. .. Besides dancing not necessarily means prostitution. .. Pinhead!!!…

  3. i’m from toronto and i love going back home every year bec. the there’s so many man whores and theyre so friggin’ cheap!

    1. Dahil sa kahirapan! Plus the MATUWID at BALU-BALUKTOT NA DAAN ni ABNOY-NOY! Walang matino sa mga Leader natin, umpisa sa Presidente, VP, and so on.

  4. so we should all rejoice the more young pinoys resort to prostitution the more cheap choices for us…hurrray!

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