Hot Men in the Philippines

GianRaph GianRaph2Raph Almeda and BFF Gian Gonzales spend time together.

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  1. Raph Almeda tagal ko na Itong di nakita. Feature mo siya rd dating mossimo contestant Ito. Lumipat na sa century properties para magtinda mg condo

    1. Ate Inigo, ikaw ba yan talaga? Ommmggggg. At juding pala ang tawag now, indi na bekichina. Mas gusto ko yung nasa left, siya ba si almeda? Ampogi. Sana dalaga nah akoh.

  2. Juding si Gian and he’s out and proud. Hindi ko lang alam kung ano relasyon nila ni Raph, lagi sila magkasama.

    1. SiGian may boyfriend whom he’s “living off” while Raph…hard to say kung bading talaga siya kase close friend ko straight naman and we sometimes go on vacations together. Basta walang hanky-panky and we respect each other’s sexual preferences.

      1. Question diyan eh kung sino yung unang nagpakilala sa isa’t isa?

        Tingin ko si Gian. Mukhang promiscuous yan.

  3. Gian is not out. But he maintains a set of paminta friends na pagnakita mo pics nila akala mo astig lang na magbabarkada.
    BF nya si Ron from a tech company. and yeah he is promiscuous. Natikman na sya ng isa kong chinese acquaintance.

  4. Gian is out but not vocal about it.
    He will also deny it publicly but not with friends or acquaintances who know. It’s more of an open secret within his circle.

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