Hot Men in the Philippines

Gym FFThe errrs represent! The FF gym trainers get some blessings, too, from dear friend.

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  1. sa dami ng nakakasama niya I’m wondering if he really does get all these men to bed. Parang hindi naman posible. that can be tiresome. Furthermore, hindi na siya spring chicken na mataas ang libido, pwede namang gusto lang niyang mga magagandang specimen ng male bodies ang kasama niya. #justsaying

    1. we can’t blame the guy, its just that ang dami talaga nyang pera to pay for those men, siguro kung ganun kadami ang datung ko eh ganun din ang gagawin ko ang humada hanggang sawa, kaya ngayon eh kayod tayo ng todo todo para dadami din ang ating kadatungan para makuha din natin ang mga lalaking yan coz lets face it, we all love men here and we’ve got to have money to ge them.

      1. methinks, it’s more than just the money. I don’t understand why we would assume that he gets all these men to bed. He may be bursting at the seams with money but I guess he is smarter than to spend loads and loads to get them to bed. Who knows, he may not have to spend a dime considering that men may line up to bed him if only to earn his favors when they need something.

        1. You have a point there, but reliable sources did say that Mama RP would only bed guys (models/PTs) who make the “first move”.

          Yung iba, oral sex lang. Why Terrence Lloyd is a part of his “team” is beyond me, when Mama RP clearly doesn’t go for twinks.

          1. whether they make the first move or not , rey is just there waiting, these guys first and foremost really want money and other favors may be just secondary, i really think so, but the fact is pare rey really loves men just like us making comments on this site that whenever he has pics posted on this site with some gorgeous men, i for one envy him for the very reason that there he goes again making chupa to those guys. he may have conflicts with some people coz he is not perfect anyway, but the fact remains that he is oozing with so much cash that he can get any man he wants which some of us only dreamed of. so the lesson of the story is: to all of us who love and crave for tarugos, we have to strive and work hard for that goddam mooney!

  2. Nagbgo na c RP ng preference ayaw na nya sa
    mga models?
    ….. Well kng performance to death naman tong mga otoko na ito malamang sila rin ang pipiliin ko over sa mga male models na ang daming limitation at demands.

  3. member din ako sa FF Rcbc, dami din trainor dun na pahada, kaibiganin mo lang cla, libre ng inom pwede na…

  4. ayun! nabalik din comments. nagulat ako ng makita ko na “comments closed” kanina. hehehe

    yummy trainers, basta lagyan lang ng takip ang mga face, hehehe

  5. 99% ng male trainors PAHADA kahit saan gym pa yan! They are just the glamorized counterpart of masseurs!

  6. Lahat ba ng FF Trainers game? Sabagay these 2 do look like gay for pay…they also look like they smell.

    1. i think madami sa kanila. lalo na yung naghahanap ng sponsor ng supplements at basketball shoes or pang laboracay. alam natin mdi ganoon kalaki ang sweldo ng mga trainers na ito, so puhunan nila katawan nila para masunod mga little luxuries. no different sa mga ilang varsity players

    2. Jerome yung sa left and si Shane sa gitna. Talagang umiba yung LIFESTYLE nila with brand new shoes, vehicles (motorcycles and SUV/Car), clothes, BLING at siempre pera!

      Di sila pinapansin ni Mama Rey dati nung dipa “developed at ripe” yung mga katawan nila. Tapos nung nagpopost na sila sa respective FB accounts mga shirtless pics at workout…”Paano mo na-develop katawan mo?” and USUAL na pickup-line ni Mama RP sa mga guys.

      Di lang niya mabingwit si Rendon Labador, though.

  7. Syempre hinanap ko ang fb nila based on my friends working out in FF Fort. And just now I saw they are flying to Singapore — again!! Sana maganda din katawan ko para maka libre ako ng perks. Anyway ok naman kay mama rey kahit mga tulad ko na hindi good looking basta 6pack abs!

  8. Bakit ganyan ang expression palagi ni RP? Ang jeje ng dalawang FF kolbam. Mai pa finger pose pa. Lol!

  9. let’s make this the version of the varsit guys for hire.mmeron ba kayo mga kilala na oahada na fitness traainers? share nyo naman kung sino mga ito….

  10. Sabihin na lang natin that rey is rich and some guys really need money for their needs, or recommendation to enter in the showbiz industry, including print and ad modelings, etc. Thus I would say rey doesn’t have to spend all the time. Guys will approach him for favors in exchange for sex or even just for company. Others would chill with rey for easy lifestyle, baka libre lahat, bahay and food,mga ganoong situation. Even if rey is not asking for it, I know some guys will really service him for their personal needs, for survival, I would say. Mga silent code sa mga nangangailangan sa showbiz, mapalalaki or babae, some will risk and sell their souls to the devil to survive ika nga. Ang daming possibilities. I know you have encountered one or two na lalaki ang a-approach sa iyo sa kanilang needs, kumbaga sila ung mag-service sa iyo to earn money… Ganyan ang situation ni rey…

    1. well, i guess that rey is really very lucky indeed in his situation right now coz he can have any man he wants whether they need money or for anything else and with that all i can say is have fun pare rey and enjoy all that life has to offer but just be careful not to get aids.

      1. i also do that sometimes, i am the one who initiates the offer especially if i really lust for a certain guy, pa discarte na lang yan as long as he agrees with the offer then naka jackpot na ako but there are those who refused then you have to use your convincing powers to achieve your goal.

      2. Mey mga araw na tayo ung nangangailangan, so tayo ung mag initiate. Lalo na kung mey pera tayo…

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