Hot Men in the Philippines

bikini93The open-front underwear. I think.

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    1. harap naman rd. love u. may post k ng ganitong setting before, nakakabitin haha. more power to u!

  1. grabe makatangin ung isang judge! parang gutom na gutom ng titi! hahaha.. lahat sa itits yata ang atensyon!

      1. Ewan ko eh. Tanungin mo na lang yung mismong designer na si Andrew Christian.

        Peksman, guapo si AC!

        (Hanapin mo na lang sa Google)

        1. i saw the design on ac’s website and indeed it really is an open front and back underwear, thats why they all look so hungry looking, ang gwapo siguro ng tarugo ni pare, ayy ang sarap sarap naman.

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