Hot Men in the Philippines

RendonA well-built man.

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  1. Yeah, he is.

    Here’s how:
    -Father who’s a General was and is able to “earn lots of money” for the family.
    -Uses steroids and vehemently denies it.
    -One of the very few guys who rejected Mama RP’s advances and “offers”.
    -Arrogant SOB according to fellow models.

    I’ll type others when I recall ’em.

    1. Both he and his brother are arrogant SOBs

      Mas notorious lang ang kanyang younger brother because of his brother’s reputation to hump every girl in town.
      Rendon is the mature one but also have lots of sexual conquests of his own.

      Both have rejected Mama RP’s advances since they have a their own gym and not really desperate for money

      1. well as they say, you can’t have it all, pero pag ganitong katawan, you can’t help it but to drool and you have to find ways to get him.grabe ang katawan ni pate, jakol hanggang magdamag!

    2. The military and govt should conduct a lifestyle check on his family kase people sa area niya report “new vehicles” and “new businesses”, when his mother is just an ordinary housewife and tatay niya general.

  2. Wow ganda ng katawan! Very defined and well-cut ang muscles! Pwedeng pwede to isabak sa Sean Cody, Randy Blue and Corbin Fisher! Go!

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