Hot Men in the Philippines

Behind The Scenes?

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  1. Porn should be legalised in the Philippines; it’s about time. Many bit playing actors would have more opportunities to earn doing porn.

    1. I agree with you. Filipinos are now tired of being hypocrites. Hypocrite means being pretending to be conservative.

      1. No we are conservatives. Magkantutan na lang in private. Ipokrita kung hindi ka pa nakakantot. Espanola ka pa naman..

        1. Conservative? Jajajajaja! Conservative but high rate of teenage pregnancy and more Filipinos who are now like Armani Hector above? How Filipinos conservative, more and more Filipinos are now become like Armani Hector! Did you forget Daddy Blake boys, Vic Fabe boys, Pinayflix and Queen Of Boso? If Filipinos are conservative, make sure Philippines had zero teenage pregnancy rate, population density in the whole Philippines is always below 5 person per square kilometer, you cannot to see Armani Hector’s uncensored dick here and you cannot see even one video of Filipino showing their private parts such as Daddy Blake and Vic Fabe! ¡Que hipocrito son los Filipinos! Filipinos are just pretending to be conservative just like the rest of Southeast Asians in general.

          For your information, hypocrite, I’m hypocrite if I always claim me and my countrymen are “conservative” but in the reality, more and more of my countrymen are now like Armani Hector and more of my teenage countrymen got pregnant out of wedlock!

  2. Gracias por traer los secretos sexuales de eso muchacho Asiático, Armani. Sus secretos sexuales traviesos es mi razón porque lo quiero mas y lo quiero verle, yo quiero mirar cada pelicula que hay eso muchacho tentador como Bisyo y High On Sex 2.

  3. Regarding top (publicity) photo, Admin. Uhh, the blog has a motel sponsor? Please provide kindly rates & menu. Thank you.

    1. You’ve always claimed to be “moneyed and influential”, so why do you need to ask for such information?

  4. Dun sa video, halatang di siya sanay mag handle ng isang babae sa sex, obviously just to cover up His discreetness. It’s called Don Juan’s Complex, like many closeted actors who uses women (even as gf, live in partners or front lover or also sea mates) just to prove their masculinity…. ang tunay na lalaki marunong humawak ng babae sa kama.

        1. Super landi at makati talaga yun babae na yon na ngayon ina ng mga anak ni ogie. Natalo si ogie sa billaran, ayon ang deal kailangan mag sex si ogie sa malandi na nanalo sa billard.

        2. Hindi bakla si Ogie anukaba trabaho lang yon at bagay kasi magbakla kaya ayan ang branding niya. I can’t imagine if straight guy si Ogie hihimatayin ako

    1. Manuod kayo ng mga international gay porn videos (like BelAmi, Sean Cody, Broke Straight Boy’s , Peter Fever, Jake Cruise & Beefcake Hunter, puro gwapo-daks-model looking-fit ang mga models or actors nila pero gays mga yun).

  5. bakit may nagsasabi plu daw itech? parang straight naman talaga based sa mga video na to? pero napansin ko medyo malamya sya at boses gay sa mga interview.

    1. Any daming bruskong bakla ngayon makabagong mundo ng mga Gen Z & A. Gays are so diverse now, may mga baklang seaman, army, police, navy, doctors, athletes, models, firemen, fitness instructors etc., hindi tulad nung 70-90s era eh mga bakla dapat designers, Beautician Or alalay.

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