Hot Men in the Philippines

Blowing Armani Hector

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  1. At least that boy has nude video, he is like Sean de Guzman, AJ Oteyza, Chad Moreno and Paolo Gumabao. Not like the conservative wannabes out there.

    1. Who are those guys that you’ve mentioned. They are not at par with the likes of Paulo Avelino, Dingdong Dantes and Alden Richards.

        1. Delusional like this?
          You consider this website as delusional. ¡Sin vergüenza!

            1. Laknos i maisa-mu ipokrita yanggin ti håo i delusionada! Delusionat ini na låhi na si Armani Hector. Sa’håfa na gaige håo guini? Pues, delusinada håo lokkue, ipokrita!

          1. Comprehension leave the group. The previous commenter referred to you as delusional and not to the Rddantes blog. Gosh work on your comprehension before pretending a multilingguist

            1. If you call me delusional, you are delusional too coz you are here with the boy in this site page. Why are you here?! You are all delusional coz you are here, hypocrites! Maybe you need to learn comprehension since you are Tagalogs! Right! I agree with you that I need to fix my conprehension IF NONE EVEN ONE PHILIPPINE CHANNEL HAS THEIR ORIGINAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE MOVIE DUBBED IN TAGALOG. Do English language movies in TV5, GMA, TMC and Kapamilya Network are dubbed in my native language or in TAGALOG. If it’s dubbed in my native language, I AGREE WITH YOU, I NEED TO FIX MY COMPREHENSION! But, if those English-lamguage movies is in TAGALOG, ONLY YOU SHOULD NEED TO FIX YOUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION, NOT ME, HYPOCRITES!

            2. Ikaw pala ang mali, mali ang english mo. Pati spelling ng “multilinguist” mali rin. Kung maka correct ka sa english nya kala mo ikaw ang perpekto. Tama naman ang sinabi nya sa english, ikaw lang ang delusional. Pa delusional delusional ka pa dyan para kang nakatikim ng lalaki ng libre!

          1. I don’t know the gender of the “guys” you mean. The guys you mean are boys, girls or members of lgbt?! So, you are cheap too coz you commenting at this post with the boy you considered as “cheap guys”. There is no such thing as cheap or anything. The only cheap here is your bs f**king attitude.

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