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Elyson de Dios Hard and Ready

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  1. Nalawayan na kaya ito ni Mamachonz? Daks kaya? Totoo kayang pa-libro daw rin ito courstesy of chonz? Pa sexy kana kc para mabuhay at umusad career mo, sayang parang c Argel na xtra lang parati ang roles…. Sasama kaya siya sa El Salvador?

  2. Ohh Ehm Geeh Momsh RD! Sho sherewp aman pouh ng future bf quoh pouh, puhrang readyih nah pouh shya sha ganda quoh pouh! Hihi…

    P. Sh. Momsh RD shana pouh wala ng boomersh ang mainggit sha youthhfulneshsh and beautyih quoh pouh. Hihi.

    1. Ohh Ehm Geeh Momsh RD! Sho sherewp aman peroh di sha readyih nah pouh shya sha swangetz quoh pouh! Hihi… Huhu…

      P. Sh. Momsh RD shana pouh wala ng mag taeksh shakebn ng sheryosho kashe shabuersh ghorlsh akoh kuyuh kungsh anuh anoh pinagshashabe kuoh poh. Huhu… Hihi…

  3. Manager prefers ‘our very own native chicken’… The ’tisoy’ models in his stable are the work horses that bring in the ‘means’ to lavish affection on the local cocks. Parang sabungero, alaga’ng-alaga at nakalaan ang oras sa kanila. This is my understanding of the entire Side Post paper trail on the matter. Lucky guys!

    1. And unless he is on Ms. Dee’s entourage, then he has gone ahead, already on-site (kaya pala may quote na ‘yun’g staycation sa ES), & that security code was meant for him…?!

      1. Reply to @ analy (here… ‘Ay! Your name suggests human anatomy…) : Refer to the earlier Side Post (‘Sarap’) where the figure for the staycation quote is revealed… It would be too obvious kung sasabay siya sa flight ni Ms. Dee; everyone would see him. Is it possible this beach shot is on-site? Admin/Mamang needs to squeal! ‘Security codes’ are meant to cover up paper trail or lead pursuers astray with false/made-up information. Common practice in the past Age of Ocean Galleons!

  4. si Elyson at Argel and other Mercator models na sumikat dahil boylets ni utangera, bilang lalaki nakakaproud ba na boylet sila ng baklang kanal? Nakakasuka

    1. can’t blame argel and eli, they’re kids who need money, e tinakam ni mama bekla sa pera, edi sa hirap ng buhay gow na sila.diba nakipagsapalaran nga sila dito sa manila to find better life

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